Friday, April 13, 2012

12 recommended tips to get return visitors to your blog|part3

 12 recommended tips to get return visitors to your blog Check The Part 1
Check The Part 2
8.Never use ptc type url shortner like . If you use these type of links i am 100% sure you will lost visitor
9.Never cheat with visitor. Suppose you have listed a content which is not available on your blog. Dont run visitor around your blog, link the content to the original blog or website
10.Try to make live chat with visitors for their feedback.
11.Use "you may like also" plugin. This plugin will attract visitors to visit other posts
12.Create a good mobile version for your blog

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Scent of Lithuania!

Scent of Lithuania Lithuania is not well known in the world. Many people think that its a part of russia. But the people of lithuania is trying to well known as a independent country. For that 3 perfume company of lithuania has invented a new scent which is calling as lithuanias scent . A member of the group has told that" we have invented this different scent. This is the only scent which is only found in lithuania. So we are calling this lithuanias scent." They has decided that, they will sell this scent (perfume) worldwide calling lithuanias scent. They has wished that, this scent will help lithuania to well known as a independent country in the world. The people of the country also wished that.

12 recommended tips to get return visitors to your blog|part 2

 12 recommended tips to get return visitors to your blog Check The Part 1
4.Dont use so much widgets in your blog. Because use of huge widgets cause of taking long time to loading website.
5.On the both sidebar of your blog use mostly useful widgets. Usually the most useful widgets are category,archive,most popular,recent comment etc. You may up some creative widgets which will entertain visitors.
6.Dont use a lot of ads. You may use ads in one sidebar of your blog. You must have to remember that visitors visit your website for find his needs, not for clicking on your ads. So use ads smartly.
7.Down the menubar use a smart search box. Or use where visitor will feel comfortable.

12 recommended tips to get return visitors to your blog|part 1

 12 recommended tips to get return visitors to your blog Hi friends. Every website owner want to see that, his website is much popular to visitors. But its not so easy. Sometimes we found many website page rank 1,2. But the website dont attract us for that we leave the website and never visit again. My post is about "how to attract visitor to visit your website secondtime".
1. Try to be creative. Make your website simple but beautiful.
2. Try to contain standard contents in your website. For a good website this is the first and main condition.
3. Try to write post about recent most discussed issue. Suppose a big event happened in the 12th day of a month. But you have posted about this on 24th day. What you think, you will get your targeted visitor? This is the first part. Second part will be coming soon.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Human vs Robot: Is robot alternative of human?

the famous taiwanise technology company foxcon has decided that they will employ robots by removing human worker. The founder and chairman of this company Tery Gaw has told that" we have decided that we will employ 1 million robots within next three years by removing human workers for saving our money". The robots will be used to colouring and welding. Now there 10,000 robots currently working in this company. They will employ 3,00,000 robot in this year. By this news we can understand that, in future we also have to join war for livelihood with robots